The Stories of Our Lives

Our lives are stories!  We all walk many different paths in life and we each have a story to tell: stories of our successes, our failures, our loves and disappointments.  We are the sum of the stories we tell ourselves, and those stories are necessary for creating our memories.  All of these stories are important to remember as they help bring a deeper meaning and understanding to who we really are and what we are about.  The music that will be presented to you this season is music that was inspired by events that have had influenced how people have lived.  It is also music that reflects how we live these stories out and form us into the people we become in this world.

Our spring concert, Our Celebrations, will be held at First Lutheran Church on Saturday, June 2, 2018.  We will feature music that celebrates the many important events and stories that occur in our lives as individuals and members of our nation.  A Movement for Rosa, Niagara Falls and La Fiesta Mexicana are a few of the pieces that you'll hear.



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