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A Summer Concert in the Park

It is interesting that whenever we get together for a celebration or an important event, music is present. Music is everywhere! It helps us rediscover our humanity, and our connection to people. Music embraces the symbols and experiences of our community or country and brings them to life through sound. When we, together listen to the music of our community we feel that somehow- we’re all in this together. It helps unite us. It reflects how we live our lives as people who belong to an important society. It helps bring a deeper meaning and understanding to who we really are and what we are about.


“A Summer Concert in the Park” will feature some of your favorite well-known band music.  You'll hear songs from John Williams, Leonard Bernstein, George Gershwin, Leroy Anderson, John Phillip Sousa and more.  Come join us at Weber Music Hall, UMD on June 24 to celebrate "A Summer Concert in the Park."


Free Concert!



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